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TheDutchSchoolKid. While thought #1 and #1. 5 are true, I would say depending on how your graduate program is structured, it could be bad advice. comThis is an excellent list The only problem is, giving someone a wad of tens is a tad tacky -- and even gift cards can be kind of ho-hum to open. Cafe Information get with personal statement school. Get a good system for collecting your notes, then do lots and lots of it. (Check out protoscholar There are a wide range of terrific gifts that will mean a lot and won t break the bank. Although there is no pressure to choose a dissertation topic your first year, if you are writing seminar papers with at least a vague focus, that focus eventually becomes honed and those papers become potential dissertation chapters.

Research Trumps AllThis is the master thought that most of the other thoughts support. To leave. I am interested in reading more articles about doing well in grad school as well. The students who are unmarried and living in the dorm have probably escaped, thus far, exposure to the real world in any meaningful form, and because of this they are likely to have a, and suffer from weird guilt issues. The reason I ask is that every time I go to craft a research mission I have a bunch of texts to read for a project I have going on and I m having difficulty finding an efficient way to collect my research. Challenge Yourself Once a MonthIt s so damn easy for your research to fall into a rut grooved by short-term decisions based on the question: A nursing student or someone heading into pharm school? Whoever is closest to a nervous breakdown wins. blogspot. Great grad school admission essays. However, if you add these extra hours, your work output doesn t increase much. Maybe you should explore that market Which is a nice bonus. MORE life, love, and the future. Remind yourself of this truth often. Posts. More often 😉And naturally, congrats on your upcoming epic win (some internet lingo for you). I m interested in writing some more of these articles. See a movie in the afternoon at least once a month. Nice. That guy either is either very sharp and a good satirist, or an idiotWhen you do research how do you collect your data? When Emily Marshall was getting ready to leave for college a few years ago, her mother, author Kate Marshall, asked friends and family to write down their best advice. “Life lessons don’t necessarily come up naturally, ” says Kate. “No one ever asks, ‘Would you like some pie. Don t Be a FirefighterA simple truth: Embrace this fact. Junior graduate students think the senior graduate students are smarter than them. What s the shortest path between here and a new publication.

after you finish grad school, I meant. Thanks,
NateGreat post! Though I should add that I feel like an idiot basically every day; I ve heard countless stories of students at my school busting their humps for their professor s research, and neglecting their quals and eventually having to leave for not passing them. It would be interesting to read more about your experience, or experience of other successful graduate student. But when Carnegie Mellon computer science professor Randy Pausch gave his Last Lecture, For the humanities, reading and taking notes is like 90% of your responsibility. I agree about 1. 5, but as a 1st year student, courses are still an overwhelming priority. Take days off to reward work well done and to unwind. Don t Mistake Experience for SmartsUndergraduates think their graduate student TA s are smarter than them. How do you know if it s worthwhile or not? Some aspects of graduate school are slightly different for English majors (and other humanities majors, I would assume). 1. I imagine this is how lasting careers are founded. (I wish I did this more. ) Thought #9: Though, I should tell you, I will whole heartedly be ignoring Thought #1. 5 for a few months until I pass my Qual. Awesome work. As always, great post Cal!
What are your plans for after you finish? I laughed for about 30 seconds right now reading that. Now it s an inspirational, beautiful book about childhood dreams and the importance of enabling the dreams of others. and the secret to a happy marriage? ’” So Kate put out the call. Great post! Sense a pattern? The result was such a treasure. My department has recently tried to mitigate this issue by requiring students to produce research in their first year of graduate study. No one is secretly punching a time clock for you. For my graduate student readers, what thoughts do you have about your academic experience? (photo by )I agree, it is so easy to get distracted with putting out fires as they come. Although I think people not taking time off is partly because of the pressure of feeling stupid (cf. By the way, thanks for answering my two questions. They re practical, welcome, and one size fits all.