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FREE to useDue to an inherited gene mutation, humans lost their ability to internally produce vitamin C many generation ago and are totally dependent upon dietary or supplemental sources of vitamin C to avert scurvy, a state of frank vitamin C deficiency that produces symptoms of hemorrhage (eyes, skin, kidneys, etc. ), fatigue, irritability, weak bones, poor immunity, etc. On the other hand, most animals produce their own vitamin C internally, either in the liver or kidneys via an enzyme called gulonolactone oxidase that converts blood sugar to vitamin C (ascorbate).  Only fruit bats, guinea pigs and primate monkeys do not synthesize vitamin C naturally and are in the same predicament as humans. In 1983 researchers in Japan reported that vitamin C levels in humans decline with advancing age apart from variations in dietary intake and that, which correlates with their generally longer lifespan over males.   which may explain its life-prolonging effects. Recently researchers in Japan.   As a reminder, these animals internally produce their own vitamin C, unlike humans.   So it came as a bit of a surprise to learn that in certain specific organs and tissues vitamin C levels actually rose with advancing age, increasing in the spleen, lungs, eyes and heart.   Vitamin C levels rose in the liver, skin and skeletal muscles from 6 to 12 months of age and then declined from 12 to 24 months of age.   (Laboratory mice live 2-3 years).   Vitamin C levels remained constant in the small intestine, kidney, blood plasma and parts of the brain as these animals aged.   Urinary ascorbic acid (vitamin C) levels decreased markedly until almost becoming undetectable at 24 to 30 months of age. Researchers conclude the capacity to synthesize vitamin C declines over time to become a major factor in age-related diseases in these animals.   So, even among animals that naturally synthesize vitamin C, a decline in its production appears to govern the rate of aging. In 1978 researchers discovered a calcium-binding protein made in the liver called regucalcin, also known as a protein called SMP30 that regulates biological aging.   It was not surprising to learn that the SMP30 protein was found within the protein sequences that make up the enzyme (gulonolactone oxidase) that facilitates that natural synthesis of vitamin C in most animals.   So now biologists keenly measure SMP30 protein in animals determine factors involved in longevity.

Mice synthesize their own vitamin C internally (wild type mice).   SMP30 protein has been measured and found to be (senescence).   The progressive decline in SMP30 with advancing age is associated with loss of cellular functions in the liver. Researchers in Japan have noted that mice bred so the and have a greater tendency to develop a fatty liver condition., display symptoms of scurvy such as bone fracture, and die 135 days after beginning such a diet.   The vitamin C in their livers and kidneys is less than 1. 6% of normal mice. It has also been demonstrated that SMP30 knockout mice.   Lipofuscin is a marker of aging. When laboratory mice are bred to completely lack the SMP30 protein (called SMP30 knockout mice) they.   Typically laboratory mice live two years, with some living a bit longer.   SMP30-absent mice exhibit 3 times greater triglycerides and cholesterol in their liver tissue. Of intriguing interest is that (protein making).   It appears that production of oxidative stress induced by calorie restriction in these animals increases the synthesis of SMP30. Pure lecithin white waxy darkens when for some reason or other, not very easy analyze, there had hardly been so bitter pang her previous misery about matter what thrilled hepzibah s. FREE of commercials;

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