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The Environment: However, cross channel strategies are poorly understood from senior executives to front line store associates. Technology and retail are growing closer than ever, with the evolution of retail being driven by the consumer. Do you work in trade or shopper marketing or insight? That s the message in Mediative latest s whitepaper that scores top Canadian brands on their digital location marketing and offers advice and suggestions for improvement. The authors reviewed thousands of studies from both academia and practice.
How do they vary by region?

Many of these have a profile regularly updated by our in-house analysts. Over 50 retail-training professionals participated in this survey representing retailers of all sizes throughout Canada. Are there trends in the way consumers shop? Apparel fashion india 1 1 issue 1, september 2012, issn 2319-2836 m growth challenges Hear from the Tesco leadership team providing a corporate and commercial update. Are you a category controller, director, manager or executive? Deloitte and the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) recently undertook a study aimed at uncovering how technology is supporting and driving disruption within retail. What s the demand for digital information sources, both in-store and online? Following significant portfolio investment last year, it is now implementing its new commercial strategy led by new commercial director Nigel Murray. Convenient physical locations, websites that enable them to find and purchase products, a mobile site or app - these are now the price of entry for retailers.
A look at the current structure and performance of the retail sector in Canada with a focus on longer-term trends. What are consumers purchasing - and where, when, and why are they making those purchases? Industry - Salary free salary comparison based job title, skills, experience education to browse business. Get the latest industry news and insights straight to your inbox with our range of newsletters. The report focuses on: - How the sector is constantly changing and how those involved must be ready to adapt.
- The importance of innovation and its necessity in achieving desired goals
- The need to continue to be innovative and open to new ideas. The Specialty Food Market in North America
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March 2012The definition of specialty food can vary considerably, and as a result, it can be difficult to measure the size of the industry.

On the other hand, managers within retail and foodservice use different characteristics, such as products that are sold in lower quantities than mainstream products, and often garner higher prices, and are specifically branded (Gooch et al. 8). While previous studies by Deloitte and the RCC explored the evolution of the omni-channel and the use of social media in retail, the focus in 2015 has shifted to the overwhelming impact of technology on the retail environment. Safety Resources, visit our Retail Council of Canada (RCC), in partnership with WCG International Consultants Ltd., conducted a member survey to identify training and development benchmarks. Retail industry research papers. to download the file. to download the file.
March 2011 Retail Council of Canada is proud to collaborate with RBC in presenting these best practices, developed with the independent retailer in mind. Leverage knowledge thousands industry webinar video slides now available. We do this, for example, through our digital services, training workshops, conferences, and our industry development. In the US, retail employs about twice that proportion and accounts for 18 percent of American GDP. 1 This lesser market saturation of the retail market, relative to that of the US, is one of the driving factors luring US-based retailers to Canada.
Deloitte and Retail Council of Canada undertook the second annual retail study for the BC market. Our network of members makes us unique. That s why the home meal replacement (HMR) category has been one of the highest-performing segments of the Canadian foodservice industry in the last five years.
June 2014The Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry undertook a study on research and innovation efforts in the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector. This guide will also help retailers better understand their obligations while providing useful tools to enhance their safety programs. For more Health The Tesco Product team will be running a series of topic-based breakouts on Tesco’s key business initiatives. J oin us on 23 This report examines consumer preferences and decision drivers and highlights ways that independent retailers can leverage their existing strengths by doubling down on personalization, carefully curating inventory, investing in social media, and leveraging location.