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Chocolate got all the way to 55-0-1 before his first loss to fellow hall of famer Jack 'Kid' Berg, and he probably should have won that fight too. While Gavilan didn't invent the Bolo punch, he did make it famous. I tried to keep it brief, and sometimes I did, but usually I failed. He retired with a final record of 135 wins, 10 losses, and 6 draws (with at least 1 newspaper decision). And as I mentioned earlier, Tony Canzoneri vs Kid Chocolate I was one of the greatest fights I've ever seen. So clearly he's a future hall of famer in my book too.

It's just one of those things that you have to see: Gavilan wasn't pretty in his execution like a Jose Napoles or a Kid Chocolate, but his toughness was on another level. In the end Gavilan went 25 rounds with a prime Sugar Ray Robinson at his best weight and never went down or took a beating. If he had better luck he could have walked away with victories over all of them, but had to make due with 2 over LaBarba. Sångaren Ola Håkansson debuterade redan på 60-talet i Ola and the janglers. His ring activity isn't likely to speed up and any fighter of his size would be hard pressed to last more than another 4 years (at which point he'll be 36). But for the hell of it let's say that Rigondeaux lasts all the way to 40. I would have preferred to have just written undisputed light middleweight champion, but Emile Griffith held claim to a world title of his own. Just about any historian considers Ike Williams and Carmen Basiio bonafide all-time greats. His final record stands at an amazing 133-11-4. ----------------------6. Paret would then go on to lose the trilogy in a tragic fight. ----------------------8. Florentino Fernandez: The Ox, recently departed (2013-01-28), is known as the greatest Cuban puncher of all time. He beat future NBA World middleweight champion Anton Christoforidis twice. Kresge Corporation, Garden City, Michigan One of those losses came at the hands of Carlos Monzon at middleweight, but no need to discuss that size mismatch. However, the deciding factor for why I rate Napoles as high as 3 is my appreciation for his craft. All of those guys are considered top 10 pound for pound today (Juan Manuel Marquez, Robert Guerrero, and Tim Bradley)! So basically as far as I'm concerned Casamayor's notable winning resume reads Jong-Kwon Baek (undefeated), Popo Freitas (undefeated), Diego Corrales (future hall of famer), Daniel Seda (undefeated), Jose Luis Castillo (future hall of famer), Kid Diamond (undefeated), and Michael Katsidis (undefeated). Chocolate was stripped of his NYSAC featherweight title and aside from having a 4th fight with Feldman, never fought another highly regarded opponent yet lost 3 more times regardless. Yet again Legra fell victim to a close defeat. Anyways, in addition to becoming a 2 time world champion, Legra also became a 2 time EBU featherweight champion.

Med Secret Service radade paret upp hits, och tillsammans med Alexander Bard står de även bakom duetter som The way you are He defeated future New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) World middleweight champion and WBHOFer Ken Overlin. That's improbable. Griffith knocked Paret out with a pair of left hooks in the 13th round. Black Bill, Nino Valdes----------------------So where does Guillermo Rigondeaux fit into all of this? When Ramos moved up to lightweight and challenged for division supremacy again he was perhaps even more unlucky to run into the great Carlos Ortiz, who stopped him twice in less combined rounds than it took Saldivar the 1 time. Following the Ortiz defeats Ramos retired but returned 2 years later for a final run at glory. If he retired today I still couldn't rate him in the top 10 but there's time for advancement. Unlike those welterweights, Napoles shares no losses with Griffith. Despite the tragedy, Ramos went on to successfully defend his crown 3 times before being stopped by the great Vicente Saldivar. Joel Casamayor: Specializing in rare, vintage classic boxing on DVD top sports deaths caught camera. Kid Gavilan: His first fight with Canzoneri, the World Lightweight Champion, was one of the greatest battles I've ever seen. But I'll get back to that. At the time Chocolate's record was 61-3-1, which actually made him seem inexperienced next to the 105-15-3 ledger of NBA world super featherweight champion and IBHOFer Benny Bass. He derailed previously unbeaten Jose Basura (no paper accomplishments worth mentioning but you should look his fabulous career up if you're unfamiliar). And that's exactly what Chocolate did through his first 100 bouts. He's the only Cuban on the list thus far that's already in the IBHOF. ----------------------5. Backus rocked and cut Napoles in round 3 of their 1970 meeting and his corner was unable to control the bleeding between rounds. The other 2 losses came to Curtis Cokes, the only series of losses that actually hurts his all-time welterweight standing. Who killed benny paret essay thesis.